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the fast track FOR your JOURNEY TO GDPR compliance


Recital 78 of the GDPR - states what GDPR is and how you do it:-

“The protection of the rights and freedoms of natural persons with
regard to the processing of personal data require that appropriate
technical and organisational measures be taken to ensure that the
requirements of this Regulation are met."

The Recital goes on to say;

"In order to be able to demonstrate compliance with this Regulation,
the controller should adopt internal policies and implement
measures which meet in particular the principles of data protection
by design and data protection by default.”

If you suffer a Data Breach, the ICO won't ask if you are GDPR compliant, they will want to know what you did to comply!

What the ICO will want to see is an Audit Trail of what you did as part of your due diligence for GDPR and that you can demonstrate your process to GDPR compliance. They will want to see records of how you completed the process, when and how you trained your staff, what risk assessments you completed and what risks you included in the analysis and what mitigations you implemented to prevent a data breach. They will want to see that you have records of where you hold 'Personal Indentifiable Information' (PII) in your organisation, what measures you have put in place to protect it. 

Being GDPR compliant isn't simply a case of purchasing a set of Policy and Procedures and putting your name on them, it's about transformation and changing the way you manage, protect and control the distribution of PII. 

It's about ensuring that when you process Personal Data that it is done lawfully, fairly and transparently.


because the key to gdpr compliance is being able to demonstrate it!

Our solution is designed to deliver GDPR compliance in a user friendly way

at an affordable price.

Start with a
GDPR -Presentation
Help your directors and senior management team to engage with GDPR.

This 90 minute presentation is designed specifically for directors and senior managers and will fast track their understanding of what GDPR entails and what obligations it brings.

This presentation that has been received and appreciated by multiple boards around the country. It is a delivered on your premises, minimising the time wasted by busy people having to travel.

Understand what GDPR
will mean to your organisation
with our Gap Analysis Report

Our GDPR Consultant sits down with you to help explore all the area's that your organisation uses, processes or shares personal information of living European's.

We then creates a GDPR Gap Analysis Report for you and return to deliver a series of simple steps for your organisation to achieve GDPR compliance.
Staff Awareness

Key to success of GDPR compliance, is ensuring that staff are fully aware of the policies and procedures operating within your organisation

'ingotmanage' facilities simple communication, by providing basic sharing features well as more sophisticated policy packs if required.

Because the system records user activity, you will be able to demonstrate when staff completed reviews of information at any stage of their employment.
Risk Assessments

Data Protection by Design can be challenging and managing all the information security risks associated with the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability can be difficult.  

To make completing a GDPR ‘Data Protection Impact Assessment’ (DPIA) much easier, ‘ingotmanage’ includes a comprehensive bank of over 100 potential threats, as part of is sophisticated tool set.

You will be able to assess and record all the risk parameters and mitigations that are implemented, so you‘ll never want to use a spreadsheet again for such a job.
Incident Management Tracking

To meet the GDPR requirement that you can demonstrate that you manage security incidents, 'ingotmanage' comes with a pre-built 'Security Incident Management Tracking' systems ready to use. 
Subject Access Requests (SAR)

Having a system for handling 'Subject Access Requests' is key to delivering GDPR successfully.

This system provides not only a simple process for you to follow but also includes an integrated tracking system that enables you to record and manage exactly where requests are within the process, to ensure that you respond to within the specified 1 month.
By using ‘ingotmanage’ you gain access to one of the UK’s leading cloud hosted ‘Information Security Management Systems’ (ISMS).  The platform has been enabling organisations to manage their ISO 27001 implementation for a number of years, so the system is not only well proven and tested but is also hosted in a secure UK Data Centre.

With the introduction of GDPR, the system has been extended to enable organisations to expedite and manage their GDPR compliance.  Structured on the steps recommended by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), ‘ingotmanage’ not only delivers a secure central location to store and manage the GDPR compliance data that your organisation will depend upon, but also comes pre-configured with policies and controls which you can adapt and adopt to achieve GDPR compliance quicker.

Since the system was originally designed as an ISO 27001 Management Platform and extended to include GDPR, for a small additional fee we can deliver ‘ingotmanage’ with the ISO 27001 framework enabled.  With this, you get a copy of the documents, policies and controls which you can use to start your own ISO 27001 project by adapting and adopting them or just add your own existing documents and manage everything from one cloud hosted platform.
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