GDPR Training for Employees &  Staff

GDPR Training

SecureDesk have teamed up with the The Defence Works, an award-winning provider of GCHQ-certified security awareness training, to help organisations educate and train their staff about their responsibilities with regard to GDPR.

GDPR - Awareness Training for Employees

GDPR - Awareness Training is a great way to educate employees about their responsibilities under GDPR.  In this 25-minute, interactive and engaging course, employees will understand more about how GDPR will affect them in their day-to-day roles and ensure you can demonstrate employees have been appropriately trained.  The training is cost-effective and can be rolled out across your entire organisation in a few simple steps, without the need to distract employees away from their busy schedules.

Cyber Security Training for Employees

Cyber Security training develops a positive security culture and reduces the risks by enhancing security awareness. The e-learning solution which is certified by GCHQ and is part of the National Cyber Security Programme and is delivered in bite-size chunks. Each 10-minute interactive e-learning module covers a separate topic, including phishing, data protection, password management, etc.  Delivering these bite-size updates at regular intervals, ensures that employees maintain a heightened level of security awareness throughout the year. The training not only benefits employees from a professional basis but also in their home lives.

Policy Management

Part of the online portal solution, also enables organisations store and make available their corporate Policies and Procedures to staff.  This can ensure that policies and key messages are read and understood by staff members, as well as ensuring you are able to implement, update and adopt best practice within your organisation, easily.  The policy management tool benefits from the ability to track user engagement, including whether documents have been opened and/or including requirements for employee to agree that they have read and understood the respective policy or key message – thus acting as a great audit tool.

Simulated Phishing

The simulated phishing programme is designed to further engage and assess your organisation’s vulnerability to one of the biggest threats posed to it – phishing emails.  We typically recommend conducting such simulations once per quarter and can provide tailored simulations dependent upon job titles and department, to ensure employees receive emails appropriate to their roles.  This further supports a programme of e-learning training and embed employees understanding.

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Data Protection Officer Training

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